About Our Company

Since 2016 we have provided high-quality products along with reliable and honest service.  We are located in Tempe, AZ, however, we ship world wide and are well-known for being the first shop of its kind, the first All Ages Industrial Hemp CBD shop in the united states.

We offer great quality and honest reliable trustworthy service. All of our products are safe and non toxic, we only use the finest food grade essential oils, everything is organic, and all natural, eco-friendly and almost everything is kosher, and vegan. Made in the U.S.A. We make quality products for real people. 

Our Mission

We provide services that include education, consultation, and dosage specific, CBD-options, and recommendations. We offer solid advice, and complete the CBD experience by involving clinical trials as well as utilising the knowledge and wisdom of the Doctors we have on staff. We provide the education and a safe natural alternative with the highest quality, staff and CBD products available. That is what we do with 100% safe, sustainable, fair trade, and organic CBD products. Some of our products are vegan and kosher as well. All of our products are eco- friendly. We also do not test on animals. These all natural, remedies are made to heal while instantly giving aide in pain relief, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD, etc. With a ZERO THC policy we also have strict standards with absolutely no exceptions, ever. We never allow any use of synthetic oils or isolates.  There are no negative side effects, No Bi-products, or fillers, no pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides, no artificial ingredients and best of all  no harsh toxic chemicals. Our goal is to empower people, to be healthy and to make the best possible decision about using CBD products as an alternative to traditional medicine. CBD is the right choice for everyone, which is why we strive to provide high quality CBD products for the whole entire family .


Since 2016

The company was built with the idea that people needed to be able to get back to basics in healing. We believe that natures medicine can be far more powerful than any prescription drug on the market. People just need to be properly educated on CBD and it’s powerful properties. CBD works great for mammals with an endo-cannabinoid system, horses, dogs, cats and people. We help you fuel up the bodies empty tank!

Why Choose Us

Quality Products

We only use natural local ingredients, we are eco-friendly, all of our products are industrial hemp derived and all of our CBD products contain zero THC

Exceptional Service

Our staff is educated through a diverse 3-week training program, covering everything from organic, industrial hemp, and CBD product knowledge to the farming of the bio-mass (product), and the extraction methods we use.   We work  with every customer from people to pets of all ages.

Affordable Prices

We hand-selected our products and make them affordable for anyone whether you are trying CBD for the first time or a patient with a chronic illness.

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